Human Hair Categories Sold By Wholesale Vendors

Human Hair Categories Sold By Wholesale Vendors

You can never go wrong with anything that's human hair, be it wigs, extensions, weaves, and others. Synthetic hair is also present in the market. However, its benefits cannot beat those of human hair. Most business owners are willing to deal with such good hair to remain relevant in the market. The wholesale hair vendors are the perfect people to purchase the hair from. They sell different types of human hair products, and their prices are great. We look at the human hair categories sold by wholesale vendors below.

The two categories of human hair

The demand for human hair is very high. Get to know all available types before committing yourself to sell. There are two main categories of human hair sold by wholesale vendors. They are raw hair and virgin hair.

1. Raw human hair categories

The hair is sourced from various countries like India, China, the Philippines, and Vietnam. Raw hair has the highest quality in the market. Nothing has been done to it in terms of processing and chemical addition. Also, the hair comes with its cuticles intact. Deciding whether to sell raw hair as a business person is a big deal. It's something you need carefully think about before committing your money.

The main reason for buying hair from a wholesale vendor is the price. Despite this, raw hair is much more pricey than any other hair. You'll buy it at a high price and till sell high. Consider your customers and the amount of money they can willingly part with. Most clients can comfortably afford standard hair bundles. Raw hair is excellent but only for a targeted market. According to research, only 5% of total sales from wholesale vendors is of raw hair. This should speak volumes to you as a business person. Don't be discouraged, though, but raw hair requires an exceptional market with clients who can spend big.

Identify the raw hair course ratings before getting any raw hair. The hair comes from several parts worldwide, but some are better than others. The course with the highest rating is usually Raw Indian hair, a medium course. The second rating is Raw Vietnamese hair which is just course. The third in the group is Raw Chinese hair, which is soft and silky. Understanding this helps you buy better for your business and customers.

2. Virgin human hair categories

Like raw hair, virgin hair is also 100% human hair. However, it has undergone steaming to give various textures—for example, deep wave, loose wave, curly, kinky, and more. The most popular types of virgin hair are Peruvian, Brazilian, and Malaysian. Peruvian human hair is thick, coarse, and very durable. Brazilian is light and shiny, while Malaysian is heavy, soft, and silky. A better treating method called Machine-Remy is used to process the hair. Retailers can now sell high-quality human hair at an affordable price.


The above human hair categories are what wholesale vendors offer. They both involve natural hair but are treated differently based on the end game. Raw hair is quite expensive due to a lack of processing. On the other hand, Virgin hair is much more affordable but not in its original form. Both types have good and bad characteristics. It's for you as a business owner to know what you want and can sell to customers.